May 13, 2019

Arnold Nemetz receives PizzaKobra

Arnold Nemetz, Founder of Nemetz (S/A) & Associates Ltd. meets with Salvatore Folisi from Iguzzini to receive the ‘PizzaKobra’ table lamp designed by Ron Arad. Ron Arad is an Industrial Designer, Artist and Architect. He is evolutionary, strong and creative. The ‘PizzaKobra’ is a resemblance of his character and is more than just a lamp, it is an innovative design project. At times it resembles a pizza, at times a cobra and at times a spiral.

This creation was gifted to Arnold Nemetz by Salavtore Folisi on November 8 2011 as a sign of appreciation of the time shared in the Industry with Sistemalux (currently majority owned and operated by Iguzzini). “It is an honour, and exciting opportunity to receive such a creation” saying Arnold Nemetz “this is a lamp that will have lasting impression in the ever changing lighting industry.”