According to Billy Baldwin, "Where there is no light, there is no beauty. That is one fundamental fact about lighting."

A well-lit space can not only enhance and characterize the architecture or design of a space but can influence perception and emotional response of the end users. At Lucent Design (formerly Light Art Concepts), we combine our expertise and creativity to provide our clients with a design that is aesthetically pleasing, effective and efficient.

"Lighting is a balance between art and science"

Lucent Design has been a successful enterprise since Nemetz opted to expand the office services to include lighting design. The new in-house centre will offer owners, architects and designers a sample board, computer renderings and other design features to aid in creating the most functional and esthetic lighting possible for their projects.

“We were initially known as a one-stop shop, basically engineering power design,” says Nemetz of the decision to launch Lucent Design Group several years ago. “There was the perception that, as engineers, we knew nothing about lighting design. We wanted to change that, to bring in the esthetics and design. So, we started the division. Based on the projects we’ve done, and the different lighting designs we’ve produced, we’re now at a world-class level in terms of lighting design. Lucent Design Group is long past being just a sidebar to the office, it is now an integral part of our service.”