Nemetz (S/A) & Associates Ltd. is a team of 100 individuals with backgrounds from all around the world.

Bringing together Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Electrical Contractors and Executive Employees that are dedicated to the task of bringing power and light to all projects.  Together they offer a shining example of what can be accomplished with the basic tenets of service, quality and ingenuity.

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Gary Geissinger
Gary Geissinger Senior Associate
John Bayers
John Bayers Associate
Ovidiu Cojocaru
Ovidiu Cojocaru P,Eng. Associate
Ron de Jesus
Ron de Jesus Associate
Mark Herron
Mark Herron Associate
Rose Manzo
Rose Manzo Associate
Blaine Labby
Blaine Labby Associate
Homer Sapitula
Homer Sapitula Associate
Darren Neuman
Darren Neuman Associate
Felix Choy
Felix Choy E.I.T., Designer
Corey Van Idour
Corey Van Idour E.I.T., Designer
William Stratton
William Stratton P. Eng., Designer, LEED Green Associate
We are proud of our company and proud of the people who work here, this combination of detailed documents, multi design features and site field prowess - you won’t find it in any other company.
Steven Nemetz CEO / Principal
Karen Mission E.I.T. - Lighting Design Technician
Naske Vahabzadeh Lighting Designer Technician
Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler M.I.E.S. L.C. Lighting Designer
Bahar Barani
Bahar Barani E.I.T. Lighting Designer Technician
Mike Valdes
Mike Valdes E.I.T., Lighting Designer Technician
Christine Torralba
Christine Torralba B.I.D., Lighting Associate
Daisy Chan
Daisy Chan B.A., D.I.D., LC, LEED ® AP, Lighting Associate
Joy Mescallado
Joy Mescallado B.ARCH, AScT, LEED ® AP, Lighting Associate
Jennifer Lifton
Jennifer Lifton C.I.D. LEED ® AP, Lighting Associate
Jurell Piske Project Administrator
Jesse Bower Project Administrator
Michael Wong Project Administrator
The company has evolved through the same fundamentals - the designers and technicians have sound electrical field experience, however we have certainly expanded the horizon of the work that we do.
Steven Nemetz CEO / Principal
Kerri Kidd
Kerri Kidd Senior Project Manager
Hayley Van Barneveld
Hayley Van Barneveld Project Manager
Darya Zhdanova
Darya Zhdanova Project Manager
Serge Vasilyev
Serge Vasilyev Project Manager
Peter Tolentino
Peter Tolentino Project Manager
Matthew Rose
Matthew Rose Project Manager
Lucas Willms
Lucas Willms Project Manager
Karl Nylund
Karl Nylund Project Manager
Carlos Molina
Carlos Molina Project Manager
Bijan Valagohar
Bijan Valagohar Project Manager
Antony Lundegren
Antony Lundegren Project Manager
Justin Lifton
Justin Lifton Project Manager
Stephen Stagg
Stephen Stagg Project Manager
Bezan Irani
Bezan Irani Project Manager
Gerry Ewert
Gerry Ewert Project Manager
Brian Lorette
Brian Lorette Electrical Designer
Naidine Hernandez
Naidine Hernandez Electrical Designer
Maria Ramos
Maria Ramos Electrical Designer
Jack Chan
Jack Chan Senior Designer
Alexander Stratton
Alexander Stratton Technical Designer
William Stratton
William Stratton P. Eng., Designer, LEED Green Associate
Charissa Ladra Accounting
Marilyn Cabanez Accounting Manager
Emma Dodimead
Emma Dodimead Marketing & Personnel Manager
Louviely Diaz
Louviely Diaz Administrative Manager
Michelle Pochwatka
Michelle Pochwatka Office Manager
Gina Elorde CAD/REVIT Technician
Kathreena Agustin CAD/REVIT Technician
Yashar Askari CAD/REVIT Technician
Somy Hosseinzadeh CAD/REVIT Technician
Niloofar Ghobadi CAD/REVIT Technician
John Parnacio CAD/REVIT Technician
Malak Abdulkareem CAD/REVIT Technician
Jay Patel CAD/REVIT Technician
Caio Camargo CAD/REVIT Technician
Therese Relota
Therese Relota Receptionist
Sarvenaz Mohammadi
Sarvenaz Mohammadi CAD/REVIT Technician
Leozel Austral Accounts Payable Clerk
Janice Furigay
Janice Furigay CAD/REVIT Technician
Vince Robles
Vince Robles CAD/REVIT Technician
Ben Geissinger
Ben Geissinger CAD/REVIT Technician
Arfie Dabu
Arfie Dabu CAD & REVIT Technician
Tim O’Brien
Tim O’Brien Field Inspector
Peter Schoelch
Peter Schoelch BIM Manager
Matthew Tam
Matthew Tam CAD & REVIT Technician
Joseph Ocampo
Joseph Ocampo CAD & REVIT Technician
Maureen de Asis
Maureen de Asis CAD & REVIT Technician
Luisa Dulaogon
Luisa Dulaogon CAD & REVIT Technician
Leslie Dulaogon
Leslie Dulaogon CAD/REVIT Manager
Daniel J.B. Bunda
Daniel J.B. Bunda CAD & REVIT Technician
Andrew Cordick
Andrew Cordick Field Inspector
Viorica Lorincz
Viorica Lorincz CAD & REVIT Technician
Vicky Cojocaru
Vicky Cojocaru Accounting
Stephen Chan
Stephen Chan I.T. Manager
Shiva Kanani
Shiva Kanani CAD & REVIT Technician
Ruth Herrera
Ruth Herrera CAD/REVIT Manager
Ron Baldesancho
Ron Baldesancho CAD & REVIT Technician
Reggie-May Jumilla
Reggie-May Jumilla CAD & REVIT Technician
Norie Li
Norie Li CAD & REVIT Technician
Mina Morshedi
Mina Morshedi CAD & REVIT Technician
Matthew Geissinger
Matthew Geissinger CAD & REVIT Technician
Marifyll Federipe
Marifyll Federipe CAD & REVIT Technician
Lena Capistrano
Lena Capistrano CAD/REVIT Manager
Juan Saculsan
Juan Saculsan CAD/REVIT Manager
Jonathan Eugenio
Jonathan Eugenio CAD & REVIT Technician
Jesse Junsay
Jesse Junsay CAD & REVIT Technician
Janet Padua
Janet Padua CAD & REVIT Technician
Harry Acuna
Harry Acuna CAD & REVIT Technician
Grando Alinsasaguin
Grando Alinsasaguin CAD & REVIT Technician
Erlinda Arraz
Erlinda Arraz Accounting
Deo Figueroa
Deo Figueroa CAD/REVIT Manager
Delfin Maranan
Delfin Maranan CAD/REVIT Manager
Ben Yip
Ben Yip CAD/REVIT Manager
Arnaldo Ang
Arnaldo Ang CAD & REVIT Technician
Stephan Chan IT Manager